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    Episode 171: Access Code

    The Geeks spin off into your life like a Hobbs and Shaw double feature on meth. Tonight we disagree on the validity of Hobbs & Shaw's cringyness, talk Netflix's future as Disney Plus prepares to launch it's invasion, and meander through some Lord of the Rings and CW news. Plus, one Geek's Google Maps game is much more fun than another's. Let's go!

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    Episode 170: Black Widow Might Be Good

    The Geeks pair down the convo for a little intimate chart between friends. Tonight we take a fun look at Roger Ebert's best, worst reviews, discuss streaming services, and talk movies, TV shows, and, well, life! Why can't baseball on TV be cheaper? Let's go!

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    Episode 169: The One From Hibbing

    "Most" of the Geeks return to fill your ears with tears and jeers. Tonight we disagree on Stranger Things Season 3 and talk a buttload of ComicCon. Marvel phase 4 and Jean-Luc phasers all on tap for another, GND. Let's go!

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    Episode 168: Tiny Towel

    The Geeks storm back into your life like a scared investor dropping Netflix stocks! Tonight we talk Day 1 of ComicCon, Adam's Game, and we get an all new storytime from Chris! Let's go!

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    Episode 167: Spider Things!

    The Geeks shoot through your veins like spider venom giving you super powers! Tonight we talk Spiderman: Far From Home and Stranger Things... erm, kind of! No spoilers. Plus, Mulan was a movie, right? Fireworks and festivities for all on an all new, GND. Let's go!

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    Episode 166: Left Turns

    The Geeks come on back to talk Anna, The Dead Don't Die, and of course left hand turns. Plus, we create a super secret test project to break Amazon... and google... and the internet... kind of. Let's go!

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    Episode 165: Bad Haircut

    The Geeks return to talk Star Trek, Endgame, League of Legends Tactics, and, honestly, just about their life. Plus, one Geek decides never again to mix sports and haircuts. Let's go!

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    Episode 164: A Bath With Keanu Reeves

    The Geeks race into your heart like speedracer on crack. This week we talk X-Men?: Dark Phoenix, Stranger Things marketing, and why Keanu Reeves is such an awesome guy. Plus, one Geek takes the leap and cuts the proverbial cord. When does Picard start? Let's go!

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    Geekra Kai!

    The Geeks kick back into action like an amazing 80's movie roaring back to life in the 2010's. Tonight we discuss why Dave would like Cobra Kai, Magic the Gathering merging with Endgame, and try to figure out the best way to cut various cords out of our lives. Plus, did we mention Cobra Kai, oh, and Chris want's everyone to watch Rim of the World. Quiet! Let's go!

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    Episode 162: Lazy Thursday

    The Geeks have absolutely nothing to talk about. No Endgame, no Game of Throns, what to discuss... Near death experiences? a few random TV shows? Poop? Let's go!

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