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Geeks Next Door

A celebration of all things nerd and geek. Welcome to the interwebs.

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    Episode 218: Three Geeks Don't Make A Right

    A trio of the quintet gather to talk all things shop. Tonight we talk fireworks, D&D, and a few good shows. Australia has stand-up comedy? Who knew. Let's go!

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    Episode 217: Flashpoint 2020

    The Geeks return to talk multiple Batmen, Steam's Summer Sale, movie theater's imminent openings, and a whole host of hot hogwash. Quarantine with us! Let's go!

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    Episode 216: Keanu Sheen

    The Geeks storm back in full force to discuss how much they would pay to spend 15 minutes with Keanu. Plus, we talk tax reform, rioting in the streets, and Whiteness in America. Naa, just kidding, just more dick and fart jokes. Let's go!

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    Episode 215: My Gran-daddy's, Gran-daddy

    The Geeks return to ask where Gone With the Wind has gone? Plus Playstation announces a new system, should we destroy art, and some problems are hard to solve. Let's mother f'ing go!

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    Episode 214: A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

    The Geeks run from the Minneapolis fires by returning safely to their podcasting homes. Tonight we talk HBO Max, Daredevil squirrels, and of course, the world burning down. What can solve the world's problems? Probably not 5 white guys, but we'll take a stab at it. Let's go!

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    Episode 213: Unpopular Opinions!

    The Geeks run full gambit into the world of pop culture, even as their city burns to the ground. Tonight we talk a Dune MMO, pandemic pandemonium, and discuss the difference between rioters and rebels. Finally, Chris is concerned about the metaphysical aspects of the new show his boys are watching. 1+2=3. Let's go! !

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    Episode 212: He IS An Idiot!

    The Geeks return to isolate in their isolation. Tonight we take some bets on home improvement, talk HBO Plus, and lament another week gone to the oblivion of The COVID! You ain't got nothing really going on, so come let us fill your ear holes for a while. Let's go!

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    Episode 211: Dejure Means Friendship

    The Geeks return to bend your ear with all things nerdom. Tonight we talk TV and movies during the Apocalypse, some Star Wars stuff, Marvel, you know how we do. Let's go!

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    Episode 209: 2016 Remix

    The Geeks get stuck playing (and talking) about a game they played 4 years ago. Plus, other things! Let's go! What do you mean I phoned this one in?

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