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    Episode 137: Bye Bye November

    Welcome to December in Minnesota, where the podcast is fake and the points are totally made up by the 5 Kings! Tonight we dissect Robin Hood, listen to Dave rave about riding a horse through the desert, listen to Chris rave about old-timey snake wrestlers, and try to bring the show back up after one Geek realizes people actually die in fires. There are two types of people in this world, those that don't get shot by unholy arrows and those that do. Let's go!

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    Episode 135: Stan the Man

    The geeks get their Excelsior on and talk Stan, his passing, and what annoying people bring up about his life. Plus, The Five Kings are torn on their attitude toward Detective Pikachu, while one geek wants to see Archie head on down to hang out with Sabrina. Finally, we give Bohemian Rhapsody an epic review before trying to stop Adam from mailing everyone poop. This isn't the greatest podcast in the world, it is just a tribute to Stan Lee, giver of life. Let's go!

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    Episode 134: Grass Roots

    The Geeks explode on the line like a 7 year old trick or treating on their home turf. Tonight we discuss Disney Plus, why they should reboot Highlander, if The Last Airbender was amazing or crap, and of course, saddle on up with D1 and Red Dead Redemption. There are two types of people in this world, those who hate M. Knight, and those who despise M. Knight. guess which one we are? Let's go!

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    Episode 133: The Spooooky Episode!

    The Geeks return to tell tales of chill and horror! Plus, we talk The Dragon Prince, CW shows, Solo in Solo, Superman's triumphant return?, Netflix Personification, and only 420 days until Star Wars! Plus, we bring back a fan favorite, A Spell Too Far! Let us stone shape our way back into your hearts! Let's go!

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    Episode 132: Limericks 'R' Us

    There once were some Geeks who had a Podcast, talking geek news at a level that was unsurpassed; Until the time came, when they grew too quick in fame, and one went solo the rest outcast! Let's roll with some video games, CW news, Marvel intel, and a $500 D&D adventure?!? Plus, Wdam Ahite, a day in the life. Let's go!

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    Episode 131: Burger King

    The Geeks return to the lime light to discuss Burger King vs McDonalds, give you a full run down of Venom, discuss the upcoming CW streaming service, and of course, The Doctor is back! In this world you are either a Toys R Us fan, or a Geoffrey's Toy box fan. What are you? Parkour robots NOT invited! Let's go!

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    Episode 130: You Guys Underestimate How Nerdy You Are

    The Geeks return like a Presidential Dick Waving Phone Alert! Tonight we talk boobs, knots, and underdogs. Plus, Netflix brings us a choose your own adventure show, Dare Devil is ready to blindly walk back in our lives, and Dave tells us what to buy at the comic book shop. Plus, Chris makes plans to usurp the Swedish crown with an eight year old soon-to-be princess. Why delay the inevitable, it's fun to be geeky. Let's go!

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    Episode 129: Those Aren't Cats

    The Geeks open a dark day in American history by refusing to talk about it. Refusing! Mostly. Plus, Creed, Gambit, and Jean Grey get movies, The Butcher is ready to make his return, and we still remember 1991. Da Bears, Da Twins, Da Joker. Let's Da Go!

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    Episode 128: Jumping The Shark

    The Geeks celebrate Fonzie's 41st anniversary in style, by trying to bring merrier musicals to the masses! Plus, Amazon wants to be in your kitchen, Captain Marvel in your Blockbuster Videos, and Ryan in your pants. Plus enough Marvel to make your little heart grow three sizes. Adam isn't the only one to make threats on the internet! Let's go!

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