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    Episode 122: The Episode That Should Not Be

    2 of the 5 Geeks return with another one kind of there to spit fire and mad beats in your ear! Plus, Skype fracks over Chris, Ryan is too old to understand it, and Dave likes the new emojis! You probably won't get very far into this one anyway. So, let's go!

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    Episode 121: The New Jar-Jar

    The Geeks return to talk a whole lot of nonsense. This week, Dave 2 invites a rogue into his house, Adam fights off a potential thief, Dave & Chris earn 39 cents, and Ryan labels Star Wars's new Jar-Jar. It's been a, long July and there's reasons to believe, maybe August will have a completed shed. Let's go!

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    Episode 120: Is The Word Racist Wrong, Ryan?

    The Geeks implode into the Quantum Realm to cover everything you need to know about Comic Con 2018. Buffy, Check. DC Universe, Check. Fast & the Furious Spin Off, Furiously Checked! Plus, why is everyone so outraged all the time? Ryan The Not Racist tries to answer the question. Let's go!

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    Episode 119: Needs More D

    The Geeks hit the mean pipe-streets of the internet looking for a fight. Down to one remaining D, they pull out all the stops to acquire your ear time. Tonight, the World Cup ends, DC's Universe begins, and Ryan wants a hermaphrodite. If we were stuck together in a room with nothing but our cloths, a banana, and a microphone, would you podcast with me? Let's go!

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    Episode 118: Brought To You By Taco Bell

    The Geeks enter the world of future sponsorship as Taco Bell sends them tacos, future tacos. This week the blackest of widows gets a director, the sky rains on our parade, Croatia prepares for impending French doom, and Build A Bear explodes in a chaos of cute, fuzzy fur and little button eyes. Go get yourself a taco. You've earned it. Let's go!

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    Episode 117: Decades of Music

    The Geeks return like that chili-cheese burrito you shouldn't have eaten at 2 A.M. last night. This week we discuss music of the decades, Nick Cage as Spider-man, American Independence, and Cup it good with the World. In life you are either the fish or the fisher, make sure you have a good hat. Let's go!

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    Episode 116: Thanks For Vaginas

    The Geeks return like Germany's soccer team flying back home after their epic route from the World Cup. Tonight we talk drugs in the workplace, DC starting their own TV Network, Jurassic World, and a host of other interesting tidbits to tantalize and titillate. I donno, all I'm saying is 10 million for a dino is a pretty good bargain! Let's go!

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    Episode 115: Wet, Hot, Steamy Steam Sale

    The Geeks return to talk Roseanne returning (kind of?!), AMC fighting Movie Pass, plus, how many Star Trek series can the world handle? If we are all little bags of water and chemicals walking around on a massive globe full of water and chemicals, then why does...

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    Episode 114: 5 Guys, 1 World Cups

    The Geeks return to talk other world issues, like Soccer and, well, more soccer. Plus, DC's moving parts, American Horror Story's combination, and Adubz's awful, awful logic. If someone asks if your a god, you say, "No, I'm a Geek Next Door." Let's go!

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    Episode 113: Project Management

    The Geeks enter a hyperlane into your ear holes like they are jacked up on Coaxium! Tonight we discuss upcoming Transformer and DC movies, break into another episode of A Spell Too Far, and talk more sexroids than you can shake your robotic dong at. Let's go!

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