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    Episode 155: Game of Thrones Season 8 Primer!

    The Geeks geek out on the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 8 by recapping through their flawed memories what exactly happened in Season 7! Plus, we talk Shazam!, Disney All Access, and a new batman? Life is for those that like watching their favorite characters get unfairly slain. Let's go!

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    Episode 154: Damn It, Ryan! No Politics!

    The Geeks return to talk robots, terrible presidents, and super heroes. Plus, Chris decides he is tired. Robot overlords of the future, please look kindly upon us mere humans. Let's go!

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    Episode 153: The Kids Are Alright

    The Geeks return on Major League Baseball Opening Day to tell tales of Twins and Avengers and trips to Florida. Plus, we talk video game violence and kids, robots, and some CW. You can only live in one state at a time, I chose the state of... love! Let's go!

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    Episode 152: D&A

    The Geeks return in limited numbers to expunge the rumors that 5 Kings have been trimmed to 3! Tonight we talk Game of Thrones, Marvel's delicious consumption of Fox mutants, Bill & Ted, Stranger Things, Dune... Ahh, too much! Too much! Let's go!

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    Episode 151: Jelly Mishap

    The Geeks spread out in your ears like warm peanut butter on soft, wheat bread. Tonight we talk spolierless Captain Marvel, drool over the new Endgame trailer, and listen to Chris complain about cliffhangers a-la Umbrella Academy. Plus, sandwich talk, of course. Let's go!

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    Episode 150: Marvel Eve!

    The Geeks roll into town with their 7th sense loaded and ready to go. Tonight we muse on Captain Marvel, discuss the impact of Endgame vs. Game of Thrones Season 8, and banter CW pulling the plug on Arrow. Plus, one Geek says goodbye to a lifelong friend. Life is short, so fill it with love, happiness, and the Geeks Next Door. Let's go!

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    Episode 149: Fine

    The Geeks return like a lifelong friend sneaking into your bed on a work trip! Tonight, we talk upcoming awesome movies, robots for Game Stores, and whether weather changes, changes. Plus, one Geek becomes a time traveler and speaks from the future and puts forth a new law for the five kings! Let's go!

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    Episode 148: Oscar Hype

    The Geeks run through your award ceremony like an out of control space harpoon. This week we get in our Oscar picks, miss an overworked Adam, and talk Umbrella Academy while discussing the merits of Me Too, damn-it! Plus, first appearance of Radam! Let's go!

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    Episode 147: The Podcast That Lived

    The Geeks Take 2 on Episode 147 after a disastrous journey into Discord land. Tonight, we celebrate our love with some marvel, some Netflix, some movies, and some song. Plus, one Geek does his best to remove his genes from the gene pool. Is it Spring yet? Let's go!

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    Episode 146: Polar Express Vortex

    The Geeks fight their way through the frigid cold to bring you 95 minutes of pure, unadulterated sound. Tonight, Dave loves batman, Dave 2 tells us CW renewals, Adubz predicts the future, and Chris doesn't believe in wind chill. This Game of Thrones viral marketing is getting out of control. Let's go!

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