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    Episode 147: The Podcast That Lived

    The Geeks Take 2 on Episode 147 after a disastrous journey into Discord land. Tonight, we celebrate our love with some marvel, some Netflix, some movies, and some song. Plus, one Geek does his best to remove his genes from the gene pool. Is it Spring yet? Let's go!

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    Episode 146: Polar Express Vortex

    The Geeks fight their way through the frigid cold to bring you 95 minutes of pure, unadulterated sound. Tonight, Dave loves batman, Dave 2 tells us CW renewals, Adubz predicts the future, and Chris doesn't believe in wind chill. This Game of Thrones viral marketing is getting out of control. Let's go!

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    Episode 145: Ron 41

    Another two Geeks bursts through the 40 ceiling and officially become "Wizened Geeks". Tonight, we talk Star Trek, Ghostbusters, and alternate realities. (what else is new?) Plus, Chris puts out a plea for Orlando activities. There are two types of you in these realities, you and you with a goatee. Which one are you? Let's go!

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    Episode 144: End of An Era

    The Geeks fade into legends like a D&D adventuring group that has played for three years! This week we talk Aqua Man, Coming To America 2, and a new continuity Ghostbusters! Plus we recap the pros and cons of a long lasting D&D campaign and Ryan rages against the Spiderman Far From Home trailer. Movies, video games, TV, pop culture in its finest. Let's go!

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    Episode 143: Movie Tell Tale

    The Geeks make like a tree and get all up in your ears! Tonight we try to tell a movie narrative, Chris gets mad at alternative Star Trek universes, we drool all over the new Dune movie, and wonder what movies we'll actually go see in 2019. Your a real boy now Pinocchio. Let's go!

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    Episode 142: D&D Too Far

    The Geeks explode into 2019 like a packet of pop rocks in a bottle of Diet Coke! Tonight, we talk D&D 5th Edition way too much, discuss Old Man New Year's Eve, and wax philosophical about Star Wars Clone Wars vs. Star Wars Rebels. You like D&D, I like D&D, come D&D with us. Let's go!

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    Episode 141: Best of 2018!

    The Geeks shoot into your mouth like Adubz taking Aquaman in his! Plus, we talk the best movies of 2018, the future of Marvel, and do a 5 King Christmas Review. How come an animated Spiderman is the best Spiderman to date? Bumblebee! Bumblebee! Let's go!

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    Episode 140: Christmas Comes This Time Each Year

    It's Christmas time in the 5 Kingdoms! Tonight we recap the first season of the first Lady Dr. before launching into a spoiler-ish free review of Aqua Man. Plus we talk Sabrina, revisit the Endgame trailer, and wax philosophical over th CW Crossover event, Elseworlds. If you have to run for political office, make sure the contest is decided by rolling a D20! Let's go!

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    Episode 139: I Have No Idea

    The Geeks tumble through your ears like a nasty virus tumbling through Chris's body! Tonight, I honestly have no idea. It looks like there is some Captain Marvel stuff in there, some Magic ESports stuff, maybe a visit to Star Wars land. You know the drill. Plus we finally get an Avengers trailer! W00t! Let's go!

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    Episode 138: They Aren't Cats!

    The Geeks expel into your life like a Flerken spewing out tentacles! Tonight we talk Captain marvel, December movies, Spiderman, and The CW. Plus, it wouldn't be December without a Die Hard Christmas discussion! Anyone seen Expensive Science Baby? Let's go!

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    Episode 137: Bye Bye November

    Welcome to December in Minnesota, where the podcast is fake and the points are totally made up by the 5 Kings! Tonight we dissect Robin Hood, listen to Dave rave about riding a horse through the desert, listen to Chris rave about old-timey snake wrestlers, and try to bring the show back up after one Geek realizes people actually die in fires. There are two types of people in this world, those that don't get shot by unholy arrows and those that do. Let's go!

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    Episode 135: Stan the Man

    The geeks get their Excelsior on and talk Stan, his passing, and what annoying people bring up about his life. Plus, The Five Kings are torn on their attitude toward Detective Pikachu, while one geek wants to see Archie head on down to hang out with Sabrina. Finally, we give Bohemian Rhapsody an epic review before trying to stop Adam from mailing everyone poop. This isn't the greatest podcast in the world, it is just a tribute to Stan Lee, giver of life. Let's go!

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    Episode 134: Grass Roots

    The Geeks explode on the line like a 7 year old trick or treating on their home turf. Tonight we discuss Disney Plus, why they should reboot Highlander, if The Last Airbender was amazing or crap, and of course, saddle on up with D1 and Red Dead Redemption. There are two types of people in this world, those who hate M. Knight, and those who despise M. Knight. guess which one we are? Let's go!

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    Episode 133: The Spooooky Episode!

    The Geeks return to tell tales of chill and horror! Plus, we talk The Dragon Prince, CW shows, Solo in Solo, Superman's triumphant return?, Netflix Personification, and only 420 days until Star Wars! Plus, we bring back a fan favorite, A Spell Too Far! Let us stone shape our way back into your hearts! Let's go!

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    Episode 132: Limericks 'R' Us

    There once were some Geeks who had a Podcast, talking geek news at a level that was unsurpassed; Until the time came, when they grew too quick in fame, and one went solo the rest outcast! Let's roll with some video games, CW news, Marvel intel, and a $500 D&D adventure?!? Plus, Wdam Ahite, a day in the life. Let's go!

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    Episode 131: Burger King

    The Geeks return to the lime light to discuss Burger King vs McDonalds, give you a full run down of Venom, discuss the upcoming CW streaming service, and of course, The Doctor is back! In this world you are either a Toys R Us fan, or a Geoffrey's Toy box fan. What are you? Parkour robots NOT invited! Let's go!

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    Episode 130: You Guys Underestimate How Nerdy You Are

    The Geeks return like a Presidential Dick Waving Phone Alert! Tonight we talk boobs, knots, and underdogs. Plus, Netflix brings us a choose your own adventure show, Dare Devil is ready to blindly walk back in our lives, and Dave tells us what to buy at the comic book shop. Plus, Chris makes plans to usurp the Swedish crown with an eight year old soon-to-be princess. Why delay the inevitable, it's fun to be geeky. Let's go!

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    Episode 129: Those Aren't Cats

    The Geeks open a dark day in American history by refusing to talk about it. Refusing! Mostly. Plus, Creed, Gambit, and Jean Grey get movies, The Butcher is ready to make his return, and we still remember 1991. Da Bears, Da Twins, Da Joker. Let's Da Go!

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    Episode 128: Jumping The Shark

    The Geeks celebrate Fonzie's 41st anniversary in style, by trying to bring merrier musicals to the masses! Plus, Amazon wants to be in your kitchen, Captain Marvel in your Blockbuster Videos, and Ryan in your pants. Plus enough Marvel to make your little heart grow three sizes. Adam isn't the only one to make threats on the internet! Let's go!

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    Episode 127: What's Wrong With the DC Movie Universe?

    The Geeks dive straight in and devote the bulk of their discussion to what is wrong with the DC Movie Universe and how to fix it. Plus, Alpha fails to deliver, Rocket gets a baseball team, and Europe apparently hates memes. Let's shake, rattle, and row, daddy oh! Let's go!

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    Episode 126: Full Force

    The Geeks return in full force to wax philosophical about all the goodness that is coming to your TV this fall. This week we talk; Captain Marvel, Burt Reynolds, Supernatural, and Dr. Who. Plus, a Big Trouble in Little China continuation? Sign me up. Life is a series of choices. make the right one here. Grab your earbuds and listen to some Geeks Next Door! let's go!

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    Episode 125: I Miss My Aduba

    Some of the Geeks return to tell you tales of sorrow and despair as the summer fades to black. Plus, can Hollywood offer personal redemption? And of course, you know, lizard people. Let's go!

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    Episode 124: Dump Stat

    The Geeks return to flounder in the water without Adubz, their fearless leader. This week, we talk time traveling skill learning, what our worst personal stat is, and a few pop culture things to keep you interested. Plus, Chris tries to get insulted, but no one takes the bait. It's a podcast where you can barely hear Chris, you know, the BEST kind! Let's go!

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    Episode 123: Quebec

    The Geeks hit your ear holes like the realization that the military industrial complex controls BOTH parties! Tonight, we talk Amazon buying movie theaters, James Gunn, Damon-less Bourne, Robots taking over lead actor roles, and Moviepass turning into Crappypass. First they came for the assembly jobs and I said nothing, finally, they came for our acting jobs. Let's go!

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    Episode 122: The Episode That Should Not Be

    2 of the 5 Geeks return with another one kind of there to spit fire and mad beats in your ear! Plus, Skype fracks over Chris, Ryan is too old to understand it, and Dave likes the new emojis! You probably won't get very far into this one anyway. So, let's go!

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    Episode 121: The New Jar-Jar

    The Geeks return to talk a whole lot of nonsense. This week, Dave 2 invites a rogue into his house, Adam fights off a potential thief, Dave & Chris earn 39 cents, and Ryan labels Star Wars's new Jar-Jar. It's been a, long July and there's reasons to believe, maybe August will have a completed shed. Let's go!

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    Episode 120: Is The Word Racist Wrong, Ryan?

    The Geeks implode into the Quantum Realm to cover everything you need to know about Comic Con 2018. Buffy, Check. DC Universe, Check. Fast & the Furious Spin Off, Furiously Checked! Plus, why is everyone so outraged all the time? Ryan The Not Racist tries to answer the question. Let's go!

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    Episode 119: Needs More D

    The Geeks hit the mean pipe-streets of the internet looking for a fight. Down to one remaining D, they pull out all the stops to acquire your ear time. Tonight, the World Cup ends, DC's Universe begins, and Ryan wants a hermaphrodite. If we were stuck together in a room with nothing but our cloths, a banana, and a microphone, would you podcast with me? Let's go!

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    Episode 118: Brought To You By Taco Bell

    The Geeks enter the world of future sponsorship as Taco Bell sends them tacos, future tacos. This week the blackest of widows gets a director, the sky rains on our parade, Croatia prepares for impending French doom, and Build A Bear explodes in a chaos of cute, fuzzy fur and little button eyes. Go get yourself a taco. You've earned it. Let's go!

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    Episode 117: Decades of Music

    The Geeks return like that chili-cheese burrito you shouldn't have eaten at 2 A.M. last night. This week we discuss music of the decades, Nick Cage as Spider-man, American Independence, and Cup it good with the World. In life you are either the fish or the fisher, make sure you have a good hat. Let's go!

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    Episode 116: Thanks For Vaginas

    The Geeks return like Germany's soccer team flying back home after their epic route from the World Cup. Tonight we talk drugs in the workplace, DC starting their own TV Network, Jurassic World, and a host of other interesting tidbits to tantalize and titillate. I donno, all I'm saying is 10 million for a dino is a pretty good bargain! Let's go!

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    Episode 115: Wet, Hot, Steamy Steam Sale

    The Geeks return to talk Roseanne returning (kind of?!), AMC fighting Movie Pass, plus, how many Star Trek series can the world handle? If we are all little bags of water and chemicals walking around on a massive globe full of water and chemicals, then why does...

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    Episode 114: 5 Guys, 1 World Cups

    The Geeks return to talk other world issues, like Soccer and, well, more soccer. Plus, DC's moving parts, American Horror Story's combination, and Adubz's awful, awful logic. If someone asks if your a god, you say, "No, I'm a Geek Next Door." Let's go!

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    Episode 113: Project Management

    The Geeks enter a hyperlane into your ear holes like they are jacked up on Coaxium! Tonight we discuss upcoming Transformer and DC movies, break into another episode of A Spell Too Far, and talk more sexroids than you can shake your robotic dong at. Let's go!

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    Episode 112: Time to go Solo, Roseanne

    The Geeks speed back into your life like The Flash phasing through walls. Tonight we talk the new Solo movie (spoilers), Roseanne going all Ambien on Twitter, and a host other other pop culture elemets; She-ra and The Crow remakes, Upgrade, Spawn and Spiderman all here on, The Geeks Next Door!

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    Episode 111:: Futurama Sucks

    The Geeks explode into old age with more personal pop culture stuff than you can shake a snake that's been transformed via sticks to snakes at. Plus, Deadpool 2 happened, Solo is happening, and Dungeons & Dragons Bed & Breakfasts are now a thing! Do yourself a favor and watch The Happytime Murders trailer, oh and listen to this podcast. let's go!

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    Episode 110: Shitty Stupid Squabbles

    The Geeks return like the phoenix from... well, from her vacation to Universal Studios! Tonight we talk more Charmed than five grown men really should, digest some new info on the Lord of the Rings TV series, and discuss all the new happenings of TV week. There are two kinds of people in this world, those that will never allow a robot dog in their homes, and those that are eaten by a robot dog. Let's go!

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    Episode 109: Strange Dreams

    The Geeks return with tales to astonish and amaze... really! This week we talk Fox cancelling greatness, Bill & Ted doing their thing, and upcoming Marvelous May movies! Hawaii is on fire, Trump's approval ratting is up, and good TV is being replaced with sport, truly we are in the end times. Oh well, nothing to do but batten up the hatches and listen to some Geeks Next Door! Let's go!

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    Episode 108: An Infinite Episode!

    This week we discuss the art of cooking and gardening... Hell no! All Infinity Wars all night! Come on in for spoilers, spoilers, and more spoilers. WARNING: SPOILERS! You have been warned. Let's get all infinite!

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    Episode 107: Avengers Eve!

    The Geeks drop into your world like Thanos through one of those cool, dimensional gates he uses. This week we discus foreign peni, no AI, and give you the Marvel primer you need to see Infinity Wars in style. I have a question for you, if you were a podcast, what podcast would you be? GND!!

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    Episode 106: Hitler's Birthday

    The Geeks return like an April blizzard in Minnesota! This week Moviepass decides too many movies is too many, Netflix surpasses almost everything, Deadpool trailers us one more time, and more robot news than you can shake a circuit at. Would a geek by any other name smell so sweet? Wait, what IS that smell? Let's go!

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    Episode 105: 2000 Hits?

    The Geeks are back and Chris wants everyone to love... baseball! Unfortunately, the sports kind are not so welcome in the land of the 5 Kings. So instead we talk the massiveness of Amazon, the weirdness of giant sharks in The Meg, and why Fortnite seems to be taking over the internet. In life you have two choices, to GND or not to GND. Come GND with us! Let's go!

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    Episode 104: Ready Player GND?

    The Geeks Next Door explode onto The Oasis in full avatar mode! Tonight we talk spoilerless Ready Player One, the best cheeseburgers in the world, video game happenings, and more bull shit than you can throw a... well... a bull at! Mr.s Rogers was our inspiration. Won't you be our neighbor?

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    Episode 103: Put Me In Coach

    The Geeks return to bend your eardrums like an air-bender bends air... so that would be an ear-bender. Tonight we talk robits taking over the world, Marvel theories, Movie Pass 2.0, and of course, flying robot peni. No new friends, well, except for you! Let's go!

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    Episode 102: Skynet Cars!

    The Geeks do everything in their power to warn humanity of Skynet's impending take over! Listen to us! Why won't anyone listen to us!! More importantly, Toys R Us is dead, Marvel is alive, and GND is soaring. Some men's actions improve the world in immeasurable ways, we just wanna improve your commute! Let's go!

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    Episode 101: Repercussions of Dick Missiles

    The Geeks hit triple digits running and talk human eating robots, Black Panther, and flying cars before launching into an in-depth Adubz led discussion on "Annihilation" and just what Padme' was doing at the lighthouse. Plus, Dick Missiles, round 2. Life is a delicate balance of plates. Clear off a small corner of your tray for us and we'll do our best to entertain! Let's go!

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    Episode 100: 100! 100!! 100!!! Get Hype! Let's go!

    The Geeks slide into the triple digits like a Adam wearing way too much K-Y Jelly! Tonight we talk the future, the past, old friends, long gone. And of course more TV and movie stuff than you can shake a 600 pound stick at. Plus, Merry Poppins, Weird Al, and Cuba cruises? Where do I sign up?!? Let's go!

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    Episode 99: Kevin Smith's Heart

    The Geeks return missing a huge part of their heart, much like their podcasting cousin, Kevin Smith. Plus, we talk Star Wars theory, is baby Groot's son?! What exactly does moving Infinity Wars up one week mean? Almost 100 episodes in the books and they keep getting better. Ah yea, better! Let's go!

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    Episode 98: But Can You Build It?

    The Geeks leap into this episode like they were high on Heart-Shaped Herb! Tonight we talk Black Panther, Full metal Alchemist, and a host of other random items. Plus, more porn mustaches and plates of various sizes than you can shake a stick at. There are more micro-organisms in your gut than grains of sand on Earth. Damn your special! Let's go!

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    Episode 97: Black Panther Primer!

    The Geeks return with everything you NEED to know about Black Panther BEFORE the movie comes out! Plus, more Olympics then you can shake a figure skate at. Plus, when is a gym an improv practice area? Why is Boston Dynamics compelled to create Skynet? And trailers, trailers, trailers, all on a new episode of The Geeks Next Door! let's go!

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    Episode 96: A Wall of Comercials

    The Geeks some kicking and screaming into your ear holes after fast forwarding through all that football nonsense to get to the juicy commercials! Plus Solo Soars, Natalie's Rap resonates, and Philly fans apparently like to eat horse shit. Who knew? Let's go!

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    Episode 95: Face Down, Ass Up

    The Geeks roll around in their own filth for about an hour before deciding that there aren't a lot of movies coming out in the theater in the next few weeks. BUT, there is always Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and a host of TV shows to discuss. Did we get to any of them? Who knows. Only the Shadow. Let's go!

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    Episode 94: Birthdays Galore!

    The Five Kings are celebrating all kinds of birthdays over here! Tonight, Ron turns old, Adubz turns even older, the Dave's do their thing, and Chris continues to be awesome. That guy sure is cool. A beautiful face and a manly body to boot. I wish we were all like Chris. Let's go!

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    Episode 93: A Spell Too Far, Round 2!

    The Geeks return after a week hiatus to talk an entire show about the Minneapolis Miracle! Ahh, who am I kidding, most of us missed it anyhow. Instead we talk the return the CW, a pseudo geek vacation, new video games played, and end it off by talking way too much about Telekinesis.

    In 2017 5 men were sent to prison for crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security prison and disappeared into the Minneapolis underground. If you need some pop culture knowledge and if you can find them, you just might hire, The Geeks Next Door. Que music.

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    Episode 92: How Bright

    The Geeks explode into the new year by discussing the new Netflix movie Bright, why critics suck, and how best to eat a taco. Doesn't that sound perfect? Damn, a taco sounds good right about now. Is taco bell open? Let's go!

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    Episode 91: Year End Festivus of Movies!

    The Geeks round out the new year with 5 celebrities they want to put out on a celebrity adventure vacation. Plus, is the Solo Star Wars film designed to bomb? Was Bright really that bad? Finally, we say adios to 2017 with a list of their top 100 movies of all time! 2018 is looking even more Geeky then 2017, come nerd-out with us! Let's go!

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    Episode 90: The First Last Jedi!

    The Geeks return to talk about a million different topics... Hell, who am I kidding. All Star Wars, all the time! We delve into The Last Jedi and talk about it's wins, it's losses, it's stumbles, and where it takes off like a graceful gazelle. The force is powerful in these ones. Let's go!

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    Episode 89: I Got A Fox Fever

    Down a Geek the remainder troop do their best to press on by gushing over Disney's purchase of Fox's Entertainment lineup. X-Men and Fantastic Four back with Marvel? Hell yea! Plus, sickness infects the land, robot AI moves closer to conquering mankind (despite every smart person warning about it (including Chris), and only 7 days till Star Wars, boyyy-eee! Let's go!

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    Episode 88: All Infinity Wars, All the Time

    The Geeks saw the new trailer for Infinity Wars... and so did an entire podcast on the damn thing. Want to guess, speculate, or hunch about this shit? So do we! let's go!

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    Episode 87: The Turkey Day Justice League of America

    The Geeks take a respite from jamming turkey into their mouths to wax philosophical about The Justice League and the future of the DC Cinematic Universe. Plus, what celebrities do our wives want to bang? The answers will not surprise you. Turkey in the belly, mashed potatoes in the belly, pie in the belly, Geeks Next Door, in your ears! Let's go!

  62. Thumb 1510900243 artwork

    Episode 86: Incantation Alteration

    The Geeks return to discuss in a calm, logical, non-threatening manner, those bastards over at EA and why sales and management wants to ruin Star Wars for everyone. Plus, we chat about the upcoming Justice League movie, people doing shit that is fun, and unveil a new delicious segment, Incantation Alteration. Time to get all schooly. Let's go!

  63. Thumb 1510293492 artwork

    Episode 85: Everyone is the Poop

    The Geeks return like an Asgardian warrior at the end of a long day of battle. Tonight we talk Thor: Ragnarok, Dr. Who, and Star Wars. Plus, Stranger Things, Season 2 broke our local science museum. Awesome. Let's go!

  64. Thumb 1509687400 artwork

    Episode 84: Coming Down the Pipe!

    The Geeks return with a social justice issue. We're taking it back! Also coming down the pipe, not nearly enough Karen Gillan, Lethal Weapon 86, Shazam, and The Last Jedi. Plus, the Minnesota Science Museum fulfills it's Stranger Things responsibility. There are few things in life like hanging out with your friends. Want to be our friend? Let's go!

  65. Thumb 1509082482 artwork

    Episode 83: All Hallow's Eve!

    The Geeks learn that Halloween is the season of giving. Plus, Discovery vs. The Orville, the most popular D&D characters, and we delve into the wisdom of the Profit Batman. There are only like 1.6 billion podcasts in the world, this is one of them. Let's go!

  66. Thumb 1508475732 artwork

    Episode 82: Lean In

    The Geeks are back to discuss all things politics and philosophical! Naa, let's just talk about movies, TV, and memes, more fun. You know the drill. Let's go!

  67. Thumb 1507876288 artwork

    Episode 81: A Spell Not Far Enough

    The Geeks return in a way so Epic that they're sequel would be The Geeks Next Door 2149! Tonight we talk Blade Runner 2049, Justice League, and of course a heaping helping of Star Wars, fresh off the new Last Jedi trailer. Plus another installment of A Spell Too Far. We got that geek that makes the geek girl sing! Plus, it's my big 4-0, why not let me tantalize your ear holes on my birthday for a bit? Let's go.

  68. Thumb 1507271100 artwork

    Episode 80: Adam is Not A Gay... Not That There is Anything Wrong With That

    This week the Geeks discuss more pop culture than you could shake a stick at but really why would you shake a stick at pop culture that doesn't even make much sense I think we need a new analogy is that even really an analogy or would it be considered something more obtuse in the English language? Also, fuck commas. Let's go!

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    Episode 79: October TV

    The Geeks try to survive a night without Ron as they delve into Fall TV and movies. Star Trek Discovery premiered and we got the skinny on how it did. Plus, absolutely no AI or computer talk.

  70. Thumb 1506057809 artwork

    Episode 78: Iron Crotch

    The Geeks are back to bite into all the juicy Emmy news! #Barbdeservesbetter Plus, The Defenders, The Orville, Tomb Raider, The Punisher, and more. Is Fire Fly back? The Twins are playoff bound, Defenders is the least watch Netflix Marvel show??!?! So come join us for some talkity talk.

  71. Thumb 1505453424 artwork

    Episode 77: We Heart Japan Good!

    The Geeks are back with their tribute to Japan! Plus, we chastise critics over The Orville, talk Star Trek's most viewed Netflix episodes, step into Skynet, and Ryan goes deep on his love of AI. Japan, send more NES and SNES Classics! Geeks Next Door, let's go!

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    Episode 76: Fall TV Bonanza!

    It's Fall, the leaves are changing color, the air is crisper, the weather cooler, and The Geeks are ready to get their new TV on! Tonight we dive into the new television season and ask which shows we'll watch, which ones we'll skip, and which one, if any, Ryan will watch. Plus a side dish of rarely seen old super hero television shows that were so bad they make batman cringe. Get out your TV Guides, it's time for The Geeks Next Door! Let's Go!

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    Episode 74: Robot Overlords

    It's Friday, time to invite The Geeks Next Door into your life like a Jehovah witness at your door on a Sunday! Tonight we laugh our arses off at giraffes fighting machine gun toting elephants in Battle Simulator, talk the newly upcoming CW movies, and learn to love robot dance offs. Plus, more Game of Thrones talk then you can shake an undead dragon at. You need it, we got it, let's go!

  75. Thumb 1503035808 artwork

    Episode 73: Eclipse of Regret

    The Geeks ram through the atmosphere like rays of light from the sun mixing with reflections of rays of light from the moon! Eclipse! Get it? Eclipse! We get all goo goo over the moon rotating 93,000 miles in front of the Sun, Delve into Netflix founders MoviePass, and ask the age old question, who will die in this week's Game of Thrones episode? It's a rough, cold universe. Once in a while something magical happens. Let's make some magic. Let's go!

  76. Thumb 1502428943 artwork

    Episode 72: A Spell Too Far

    What do you get when you take a bunch of nerds and an opened spell? A Spell Too Far! Come join us as we debut our new segment, talk Game of Thrones shenanigans, and a host of more Geek culture. From our mouth to your ears, all sexy like. Let's go!

  77. Thumb 1501823909 artwork

    Episode 71: The Ocho!

    The Geeks kick back into the swing of things with a detailed, thought provoking, even-tempered discussion of summer vacation... And if you believe that I have some land to sell you next to Aaron in Florida! Plus, ESPN becomes The Ocho, Star Trek is alive and kicking, Ball Boys fucking with soccer stars makes Chris laugh, and machine learning makes Ryan finish. There are a billion, billion stars in the universe, but only one has, The Geeks Next Door! Let's go!

  78. Thumb 1501220214 artwork

    Episode 70: Ryan is Stupid, A.K.A. Fun, But Bad

    The Geeks return for an epic episode where they just don't want to stop talking. We leap into what's good about the worst box office flops of all time, discuss the emergence of classic tabletop RPG's moving online, and wade ankle deep into discussing movie genre arcs. Plus, don't miss D2's ComicCon review, D1's is all set to Ready Player One, and the crew review Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Come for the happiness, stay for the Game of Thrones. Cue the music. let's go!

  79. Thumb 1500617708 artwork

    Episode 69: The Return of the King in the North

    The Geeks are back with a barrage of happy newness! Game of Thrones has returned and we delve into the inner workings of a "set-up" episode. Plus, it's Comic Con season and they have all the shiny, new announcements for you. Finally, Stargate, Star Trek, star power, and star... man? Sit down, put on a new face, relax, and listen to some Geeks Next Door. Let's go!

  80. Thumb 1500008044 artwork

    Episode 68: A Game of Geeks!

    Let's Draft Game of Thrones! Plus, marvel finally gets Spiderman back from Sony and he swings into our hearts. Then we talk geek tattoos, Asgardia, Preacher, and eagerly anticipate our Star Trek transporter days to come. We're bursting at the seams over here, come on in, won't you?

  81. Thumb 1499407558 artwork

    Episode 67: Revenge of the Hyper-Intelligent Snail

    We've been redefined! We're Xennials! Come join a cast of Xennials as we talk The Doctor Who finale', the upcoming Marvel Spiderman movie, and try to find a home for Marvel's first family. Plus, we dive into a race to slowness, a race to watch races, and a racial race thing. Let's go!

    dr who, xenials, spider man, marvel family, race to slownesss,

  82. Thumb 1498802651 artwork

    Episode 66: Baked Other Lie 1993 Cake

    The Geeks roar into the holidays with an amazing episode of goodies. Who is up for Baked Other Lie Cake? What the fuck am I talking about? Plus, Banks Island comes into being, Johnathan Franks back on Star Trek, and we review the critically acclaimed Baby Driver... No, really, it's fracking critically acclaimed. LIFE!

  83. Thumb 1498197157 artwork

    Episode 65: A Hug From 10,000 Lightning Bugs

    The Geeks discuss the logistical difficulty of life in Owl City before getting into Game of Thrones talk, the Watchmen coming to HBO, and Star Trek Discovery. Plus, Steam Summer Sale, Vevar kicks ass, and the Russians are close to releasing Skynet. How many hugs could you get? Let's go!

  84. Thumb 1497586825 artwork

    Episode 64: A Fallen Knight

    The Geeks talk the most successful movie franchises of all time and get all Excited, Energized, and Engaged about E3! Plus, Chris is OK with a movie remake, Adam gets all Kraven, Dave loves thatched roofs on tall buildings, Dave 2 has a crush on Billy Zane, and Ron elects to take a stance with his foot rather than engage! There is little in life more worthy of your time than friends, so come be ours! Let's go!

  85. Thumb 1496984647 artwork

    Episode 63: A "Wondrous" Womanly Episode!

    The Geeks spend way too long talking Wonder Women, it's impact on the Justice League, and mansplain the shit out of comics. Plus, a baker's buttload of video games, and are forced into discussing the possibility of an FBI plot to usurp 'Merica. It's a bright, sunny day in 'Merica, come let us vocally stimulate your ear holes.

  86. Thumb 1496382050 artwork

    Episode 62: GND UP All Night

    The Geeks reminisce about USA's Up All night programming, discuss the 9 comic movies coming out in 2018, and try to convince Chris Strange Brew was a good movie. Plus, Aqua Man, Star Wars discussion, and an epic discussion about living lives of quiet desperation. Adam is in the corner with lube waiting for you! Let's go!

  87. Thumb 1495772945 artwork

    Episode 61: The Death of Ron

    Total Recall, a dream or real? We discuss a question for the ages. Plus, the Geeks scream into their sixties by killing off one of their own. CW, Marvel, Red Dead 2, Crispr, and a Babel Fish on International Towel Day.

  88. Thumb 1495171032 artwork

    Episode 60: A Quick Trip to Florida

    Every now and then there is an episode of a TV show, a radio program, or a podcast that completely redefines a generation. This is not one of those podcasts! It was a blast though. Tonight we talk shop with Aaron Huss, the founder of Mystical Throne Entertainment, discuss the best and worst TV endings, and try to figure out why our childhood was full of such disturbing kids movies. Plus, Marvel news, Star Trek, and Ryan remembers an obscure reference from when he was a wee lad. Geeks Next Door, we have the meats!

  89. Thumb 1494564334 artwork

    Episode 59: Defining Sci-fi

    What was the favest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Give up? We find out after our extensive and scientifically accurate testing. Plus TV show renewals are in, Tenacious D are profits, and we settle once and for all the meaning of Sci-fi. Sometimes life gives you lemons. Lemons are fucking delicious, squeeze that shit into your mouth and listen to some Geeks Next Door!

  90. Thumb 1493960847 artwork

    Episode 58: Sci-Fi Movie Challenge!

    The Geeks roll into your neighborhood like a sandstorm riding a bulldozer. Tonight we start our season of movie challenges off by taking 16 of the best sci-fi movies history has to offer and pitting them against each other until one victor remains. Plus, the Geeks have their DNA tested and discover who is the whitest of the whites, and whom represents the diversity among the 5 Kings. Plus, Star Wars Day, American Gods, Game of Thrones, Inhumans, and a Google Doc Phish threatens global stability! Father! The Geeks have awakened!

  91. Thumb 1493352939 artwork

    Episode 57: Blow Job Robot

    The Geeks are back at you with a week full of pop culture nonsense! This week we dive into the moral lessons of White Men Can't Jump, discuss the ridiculousness of the world's largest employers, and bask in the glory of the newly unveiled blow job robots. Plus, American Gods, Avitar, the Flash, and Jeff Goldbloom join the conversation as we wax philosophic about super hero basketball skills. Does that new Great Clips commercial creep you out as much as it does us? If so, come on in!

  92. Thumb 1492750670 artwork

    Episode 56: Artificial Incredulous!

    Back in full force the Geeks bring you a whole heaping helping of... humus? This week we dive into the record setting Fate of the Furious, bitch about why we don't have the feels for the new Star Wars trailer, drool over a SNES emulator in a box, and get all Cloak and Daggery. Plus, Ron goes the extra mile on robot AI, just before the Russians build their terminators. Seriously, what do you really have to do today? Why not do it with some Geeks in your Ears. Let's go!

  93. Thumb 1492146808 artwork

    Episode 55: Back in Shades of Black

    After a week of babies and technical malfunctions, the Geeks are back to bring you all your pop culture needs. Thor, Guardians, and Spiderman Oh My. Plus the Punisher gets his own show, Nintendo pulls the rug from under us, and Deadpool casts their net. We're down an Adubz, but still cracking over here. Let's go!

  94. Thumb 1490939931 artwork

    Episode 54: Comics On TV

    Year 2 keeps rolling for us over here at the GND. Today we talk trailers, trailers, and more trailers; comics, comics on tv, comics in movies, comics, comics, and more comics. Plus, a super secret is revealed... or is it? Cappa Pride?

  95. Thumb 1490335498 artwork

    Episode 53: Year 2, Electric Boogaloo

    Year two starts on an incredibly sad note as a geek is left alone and in peril, but ends in try GND party style! Tonight we take on self driving cars, the CW Elite Lineup, Voltron, The Justice League, and MST3K! Plus, when are you too old for comics, cartoons, and video games? Or is there such a thing? We're getting powered up with our car-coal generators and ready to rock. Let's go!

  96. Thumb 1489732422 artwork

    Episode 52: One Year Extravaganza!!!

    The geeks break out all the stops for their one year show. Featuring the geek wives, D&D guests, movie trivia, and the debut of The Geeks Next Door Epic D&D Rap! We've got so much going on we can't keep it all straight! Plus your normal pop culture favorites all before rounding off the year with another round of D&D Plot-line Movie Challenge! Foreigner could have found out what love is right here. Let's go!

  97. Thumb 1489129095 artwork

    Episode 51: The Fate of The GND!

    The penultimate year show shows up at your doorstep full of pop culture extravaganzas! We talk Star Trek, Legion, Deadpool, and The Fate of the Furious before launching into an Xciting review of Logan and Year-In Movie Review comes from 1989 pitting the Geeks against two movies they manage to screw up. How can this be? They are not the movie Kwisatz Haderachs! So much love, so little listeners. Let's go!

  98. Thumb 1488524415 artwork

    Episode 50: Hype Man!

    Take a peek outside your window. Who are those hooligans in the street with hockey sticks and magic cards? That's right, it's the Geeks Next Door. This week we plan for the big, big one year anniversary show, we talk Zelda, censorship in the news, duck tales, and summer movies. Plus, 1992 juggernauts Buffy the Vampire Slayer is pitted against Army of Darkness in Year-In Movie Challenge! We'll show you ours if you show us yours. Let's go!

  99. Thumb 1487919335 artwork

    Episode 49: Scouting the Galaxy

    Episode 49 is one less than 50, which is a lot. It's huge. Tremendous. We have the best 49 episodes. What's on tap this week? American Gods, Nightwing, MST3k, Star Wars, and more. Plus, we talk the Trappis discovery, Girl Scout Cookies, and one Geek gets real, asking the hard questions... before we kick him off! We're partying over here, come join the fun.

  100. Thumb 1487315886 artwork

    Episode 48: 52-48=4!

    The Geeks scream into your life faster than Kid Flash all hyped up on caffeine pills. We debate the "twistyest" movies of 1999, Fight Club vs The Sixth Sense. Plus, The Fleck may be Batmanless, American Horror Story might be our election, and A Day Without Emigrants fails to impact the secluded generation. All this and more on episode 48 of The Geeks Next Door!

  101. Thumb 1486713695 artwork

    Episode 47: Sexroids City

    Hey You! You, there, reading this! Yea, you. I got some questions for you. How do you feel about Conan? What about advanced AI theory and sexroids? Is dating a sexroid cheating on your significant other? Too existential for you? Fine, Year-In Movie Challenge goes to 1990: Total Recall vs The Hunt For Red October. Plus, the Nintendo Switch, Stranger Things 2, Iron Fist, and D&D Plotline Trivia. We're serving up a heaping helping of awesomeness on Episode 47 of The Geeks Next Door!

  102. Thumb 1486105400 artwork

    Episode 46: Ned?!?

    It's the Groundhog's Day episode of the Geeks Next Door! It's the Groundhog's Day episode of the Geeks Next Door! It's the Groundhog's Day episode of the Geeks Next Door! See what we did there? Come on and enjoy the repetition. Plus, 1984, Terminator vs. The Gremlins in this week's Year-In Movie Challenge.

  103. Thumb 1485498298 artwork

    Episode 45: Don't Split the Party!

    The Geeks roll into your town with all the thunder of a blustering Biff Tannen. This week Year-In Movie Challenge pits 1985's Back to the Future against cult classic The Goonies. Who will debate better? (Hint, it's not Adam) Plus some political shit, movies, and M.Night is back in the lime light, ready to blow your mind.

  104. Thumb 1484894592 artwork

    Episode 44: It's The End of The World As We Know It

    and I feel fine! On the eve of Grand Chancellor Drumps arrival the geeks pause to bring some levity into your life. We talk Logan, Power Rangers, Star trek, and La La Land. What you think we just talk movies? How do CW shows, Star Trek, and more feel? What you think we just talk TV? Yea, I guess that's about it. Plus Movie Year Showdown takes on 1982 with E.T. and Conan! Get in me belly!

  105. Thumb 1484289988 artwork

    Episode 43: A New Era

    The Geeks return for their first ever live stream podcast! We discuss favorite D&D characters, Nintendo Switch, X-Men, League of legends, and more! Plus, the first ever Year-In Movie Challenge; Predator vs The Princess Bride. I know what your thinking, "Sexy dudes, smart, funnyish, and geeks?" Yup, come on in boyz and grils. Let's go!

  106. Thumb 1483685188 artwork

    Episode 42: A "Charming" Evening in Valhalla!

    The Geeks dive into Valhalla to share mead, and ale, and... apricot juice? Then Star Wars news, Star Trek for days, and even more CW news? How can this get any better? Well, how does Bill Nye, D&D Movie Plotlines, and the most riveting reboot in 42 episodes strike you? Less Go!

  107. Thumb 1483081214 artwork

    Episode 41: Forsaken Paths

    Christmas is but a mere memory. So, whatcha get? It's been a slow week so the Geeks talk first memories, delve into the ideal place to live and eagerly await Ryan's program that tells us where that is. Plus, D&D Plotline Movies, part 2! The holidays are over, your family has gone, but we're still here with you! Let's go!

  108. Thumb 1482479195 artwork

    Episode 40: Marry Christmas You Filthy Animals!

    The Geeks are feeling especially saucy as Christmas looms. Chris brings out a new game, "D&D Movie Plots", Ryan reaffirms his desire to never watch TV, the Dave's change their favorite movie to Star Wars, and Adubz works 18 hour days. Plus, more of your favorite Star Wars discussion! Have a holly, jolly Christmas, and get in here for some Geeks Next Door!

  109. Thumb 1481961945 artwork

    Episode 39: Star Wars Day!!!

    The geeks loose any sense of objectivity as they delve into Star Wars: Rogue One! Don't worry though, we'll let you know how to get by the spoilers. Plus, movie of the year, trailers, trailers, more trailers, and the future is now! Wait, Vader is Luke's father??!?!

  110. Thumb 1481265584 artwork
  111. Thumb 1480659105 artwork

    Episode 37: Stay or Leave the Matrix?

    The Geeks get all their geek on about the CW epic cross-over while waiting for Ryan's arms to recover. Plus the age old Matrix question is revisited, Christmas shopping begins, and 15 days till Star Wars! Woo Woo! Jump on board and come along for the ride!

  112. Thumb 1480061363 artwork

    Episode 36: Turkey Time

    It's the day of the turkey, come hang out as The Geeks discuss turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, and a smattering of pop culture items. Three more small weeks until Star Wars! May the sweet potatoes be with you... and not me, cause I don'ts like them.

  113. Thumb 1479450503 artwork

    Episode 35: So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

    When Dolphins attack! The Geeks are back with all the regular shenanigans. Plus, we learn that one geek has a healthy fear for dolphins! you want CW News? You want movie news? You want to listen to random socio-economic theories? We got you covered. Come join the party!

  114. Thumb 1478844539 artwork

    Episode 34: Go Trump Yourself!

    The apocalypse is upon us... There can be no survivors... Except for the Geeks Next Door! Come commiserate with us and learn all about run-off voting. (Don't worry, we totally don't let Ryan talk about run-off voting.) We do talk Dr. Strange, the CW, AI, and more!

  115. Thumb 1478236758 artwork

    Episode 33: Das Uber Episode!

    Uber? More like Stuupider, says Adubz... Plus, we talk Dr. Strange, missing Dr. Strange, the new Wonder Woman trailer, and a whole host of other inane topics. Come on, what else do you have to do? Come along!

  116. Thumb 1477631851 artwork

    Episode 32: Bob's Your Uncle!

    The Geeks return after a week-long vacation to talk Halloween, The Walking Dead, The CW, Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Battlefield I, Civilization VI, Logan, and Guardians of the Galaxy. All before discussing the early demise of all the Beatles and giving Andy what-for! Come get a heaping helping of nerdom!

  117. Thumb 1476424743 artwork

    Episode 31: Erection Test, A.K.A. Sugar High

    In this episode Chris consumes more sugar then he usually does in 6 weeks, Ryan becomes a Vegas Con Man, Adubz waxes philosophical about Star Wars, Dave 2 takes over as Dave Prime, and Dave 1 abandons the crew for a weekend of debauchery! It's the best damn day of the year, come join the party!

  118. Thumb 1475818699 artwork

    Episode 30: All Tingly Down Below

    The geeks get all romantic and discuss their childhood crushes. We discuss West World, Luke Cage, and The Tick. Talk A Blade Runner sequal, League of legends, Hurricane Matthew, and of course... politics. :/ The water is perect, come on in!

  119. Thumb 1475213200 artwork

    Episode 29: A Looney Episode!

    The geeks head back to the lab to create their new mix in which they discuss The Looney Tunes, Imagination gone amuck, Potatoes, and a host of other nonsense. You are not here, but we'd like you to be! Come along!

  120. Thumb 1474606813 artwork

    Episode 28: Memberberries

    The Geeks return to talk all about the beautiful, blissful past... before launching into a scathing report on the state of the world! Well, that and Fall TV shows, movies, the political climate and more! Happiness is you and your friends bullshitting about nothing important. Don't you want to be happy? Come join us!

  121. Thumb 1474005373 artwork

    Episode 27: Unleash the Hoard!

    The Geeks are back in full force and talk Fall TV, Diamond City, Marvel, cats, and a host of other nonsensical things. Come on, your job sucks, you're poor, your children are all in terrible schools, what do you have to loose? (This election needs to end)

  122. Thumb 1473397568 artwork

    Episode 26: De Jour Means Friendship!

    The Geeks wax historical about their friendship, talk Star Trek and comics and World of Warcraft. Chris continues his "Getting into Comics" experience and brings back Thursday Night Rants. It's our 1/2 anniversary at Geeks Next Door, we're throwing a party and everyone is invited!

  123. Thumb 1472795326 artwork

    Episode 25: A "Fair"ly Good Time!

    Happy Friday! The geeks are back talking the State Fair, a 20 year reunion, and a whole slew of pop culture items. Plus, Chris is schooled on how to get into buying comics and the gang reviews Yoga Hosers! Come join along!

  124. Thumb 1472195779 artwork

    Episode 24: Echoing Cricket

    We're back up to full strength for another episode of The Geeks Next Door! What was the best thing of the summer? Why are we recording in the bat cave? Is that a cricket? All this plus your favorite pop culture moments of the week! Come join us!

  125. Thumb 1471582915 artwork

    Episode 23: Two Dave's, One Chris

    When the ends of the alphabet are away the D's and the C will play! Come join us as we review No Man's Sky, talk Rio, the CW, Marvel, delve into conspiracy theories in Stranger Things, and more. All on the Michael Jordan episode of The Geeks Next Door!

  126. Thumb 1470980035 artwork

    Episode 22: Getting All Suicidal Up In Your Grill

    Suicide Squad has landed with the force of a thousand exploding suns and the geeks are there to talk DC! All before geeking out about The Olympics, the new Star Wars trailer and No Man's Sky. Come join the party... with a new Rouge One trailer!

  127. Thumb 1470377948 artwork

    Episode 21: A Game of Geeky Thrones

    The Geeks peg their friends into very specific Game of Thrones families, discuss cheating in video games, Rio falling apart, the Manchurian Trump Candidate, and even more Stranger Things! Come join the party!

  128. Thumb 1469777128 artwork

    Episode 20: Get in the Cage, With Nick Cage!

    Episode 20 beams into your home! Star Trek Beyond is not beyond mentioning! (see what we did there) ComicCon wraps up, Jupiter messes with the sun, Rio is a mess, and Ryan is fashionably late, fashionably late. Loser! Move on!

  129. Thumb 1469164565 artwork

    Episode 19: Welcome to the Real

    Say hello to my little Episode 19! The Geeks talk Ghostbusters, the RNC, shows, ComicCon, and Ryan finishes GoT! Plus, what mythical creatures do we really want to snuggle up next to? Come join the festivities!

  130. Thumb 1468559813 artwork

    Episode 18: A Presidential Episode!

    What do Morgan Freeman, Tavi (from some stupid book Ryan read), Data, Dwayne Camacho, and Lando Calrissian have in common? WTF is Pokemon Go? Does Dave like EVERY movie? Tune in to another Geeks Next Door to find out!

  131. Thumb 1467955038 artwork

    Episode 17: We Cast A Spell on You!

    The geeks talk favorite D&D spell, 4th of July happenings, a few summer blockbusters (and not so blockbuster), TV shows, Star Trek, comics, and of course, Ryan's Game of thrones update! Come at me, bro!

  132. Thumb 1467349467 artwork

    Episode 16: Adub-less Movie Time!

    The geeks tell Britain they make bad choices and should feel bad before time traveling back to gather subjects for their History Exam. Later we talk Steam's best buys during its summer sale, making their own movie, and of course, the Game of Thrones season finale! Come get some!

  133. Thumb 1466747165 artwork

    Episode 15: Woman's Rights!

    The geeks are back! Today we talk woman's parity in sports! wtf? Movies, TV shows, and video games abound. Come get some!

  134. Thumb 1466055783 artwork

    Episode 14: The Reign of 5 Kings!

    The 5 Kings have royal decrees for their new kingdom! We declare an E3 winner, review the Warcraft movie, and discuss why Superhero movies suck? Video games, Game of Thrones, VR, and more on this edition of The Geeks Next Door!

  135. Thumb 1465539018 artwork

    Episode 13: 4D Star Trek?

    Chris goes 4D, Ryan gets all spacey, and D2 get a corner. Star Trek vs Star Wars? Which Captain are you? We discuss 4D theaters, X-Men Apocalypse, Kingdom Come, and wax philosophical about The Box! Our best episode yet, come get your weekly dose of all things pop culture!

  136. Thumb 1464845592 artwork

    Episode 12: Summer Loving, Having A Blast

    It's Summer, kind of. Let's talk summer TV, movies, and games. Which Breakfast Club character are you? Playing any good games lately? What should I watch this summer? How awesome was last week's Game of Thrones? And let's get into "Kingdom Come".! Come play!

  137. Thumb 1464241803 artwork

    Episode 11: Our Kingdoms Come!... It's About Damn Time

    What game have you always wanted to get into, but just never did? We talk CW show finales, comics for newbies, and give Ryan a primer to go into X-Men Apocalypse, before launching into a joint graphic novel read, Kingdom Come. Come read with us damn-it. Ending of course with a Ryan-less Game of Thrones recap. Hold the fracken door!

  138. Thumb 1463637021 artwork

    Episode 10: A Geek in Flight!

    The episode where Ryan travels to the other side of the country, but still manages to hang out with us. We talk CW shows, summer movies, board games, and comics! Tangents upon tangents upon tangents until we get to sexy scientist ladies and of course, Game of Thrones

  139. Thumb 1463120850 artwork

    Episode 9: A Most Civil of Wars!

    We talk CW Shows, Flash, the summer movies, and a heaping helping of Captain America, Civil War. Enough spoilers to tear The Avengers apart!

  140. Thumb 1462512638 artwork

    Episode 8: A "Monster" of A Show!

    The group discusses their go to D&D monster, a new found love of minecraft, and LOL's MSI for an appetizer, before launching into pre-Civil War banter and review. And of course, some Ryan-less Game of Thrones for the masses.

  141. Thumb 1461906232 artwork

    Episode 7: We Totally Remember Prince... Totally

    We open with our favorite books of all time?, wax philosophical about D&D, kind of remember the musical genius of Prince, race Ryan-less into Game of Thrones, and flash all the way back to an authoritarian police state without guns. WTF?

  142. Thumb 1461300233 artwork

    Episode 6: A Deep Dare Devil Hole

    In which we discuss childhood video games, The Flash, marvel crap, Game of Thrones, and since Ryan is still here, Bernie Sanders.

  143. Thumb 1460696787 artwork
  144. Thumb 1460093173 artwork

    Episode 4: Rogue One Non-Human Persons

    In which we discuss the new Rogue One teaser trailer, discuss D&D classes, wonder when Ryan will buy us a new Virtual Reality system, and wish the best (but plan for the worst) in Brazil.

  145. Thumb 1459489771 artwork

    Episode 3: V'ing All Over Superman

    In which we spoil the fuck out of Batman V Superman and Chris calls 71% of critics and 29% of people assholes. We defy you to not like the movie more after this show.

  146. Thumb 1458888214 artwork

    Episode 2: A Wild Adubz Appears

    We discuss our superhero personalities, the top TV shows of all time, Ted Cruz being a fucking douche bag, and a movie we love that society loves to hate.

  147. Thumb 1458873984 artwork

    Episode 1: Robot With A Heart

    In which we discuss evasive maneuvers in Star Trek, League of legends new Hextech Crafting System, and Batman V'ing Superman.

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